Autumn gardening 2017


A somewhat eerie feel to the day yesterday with the red sun accompanying hurricane Ophelia.  The phenomena was caused by Saharan sands being sucked into the air by the strong winds.  This was all too evident with a fine sandy deposit on the van brought down by the overnight rain.


The other strange phenomena is the unseasonal warmth.  By now things should be slowing down in the garden but no;  Instead of being able to crack on with our regular customers hard landscaping maintenance we are still cutting grass and weeding!


Today however, we are awaiting the arrival of our new pick up and big metal chest that will carry our tools.  We have already chosen its nickname “the skip” based on its flat bed.  So the skip will be a much needed and welcome addition to our little red van, known as “the shed”, to handle deliveries of top-soil, top-dressing, bark chippings and everything else we need to buy in bulk.  The good news for our customer is that we can eliminate  3rd party delivery fees and have the reassurance that we will have what we need when we need it rather than waiting on deliveries.


This time of year we are big into lawn care.  Scarifying the lawn, over-seeding and applying a top dressing.  In doing this we can look forward to a beautiful lush spring lawn that is fit and healthy for the 2018 spring and summer seasons.


What else needs to be done in Autumn?



With growth slowing and it is a good time to take out those weeds and to lay a heavy much to suppress them next year.


Planting spring bulbs is must for this month as you can probably tell with every supermarket offering a plentiful supply!  In addition to planting bulbs, it is also time to plant bare root shrubs and trees so that they get a flying start next year.

Enhance your garden

Late October onward, I like to wait for the first frost, is a good time to move things around.  Maybe you planted baby shrubs a little too close to each other not realising how big they would get.  If a plant is not thriving in their current position moving them to a spot that will suit them more is definitely worth trying.  Plants will become dormant toward the end of October so moving them around can be done safely.


Build and repair

October to March is the time to build or repair hard landscape features. Fence replacement, walls, driveways and patios.  With less use of the garden during the colder months it is perfect for getting on with hard landscaping projects that will reward you greatly in the coming spring.

Clean and prepare

Jet washing the patio and cleaning out the shed and greenhouse as well as

Money Saving gardener

To save money, look for bargains at DIY and garden centres who will be selling off their summer stock to make room for Christmas products. Homebase is particularly good as they are selling of discontinued brands 🙂