Bush Craft Skills

Coming soon.. An exciting opportunity for you to learn bush craft skills and archery skills with Handy Gardener.

Essential bush craft and archery skills is for those of us who really want to connect with nature. Using natural resources for shelter, food, water and fire. We learn to work with nature symbiotically removing standing deadwood for fire making room for new growth. Creating meals from edible plants that grow like weeds i.e. dandelions, burdock root, mushrooms and many more. Nature provides an abundance of healthy foods that grow so well we now regard them as invasive weeds. However, most of these nutritious plants were actually imported at the time of the Romans to feed troops on the move and were once staple foods.

The skills required to thrive in the wilderness are ancient. Modern knives, axes and clothing gives us a massive advantage over of our ancient relatives. However, learning the ancient skills using modern tools remains critical to survive and thrive.

We plan to run weekend sessions beginning in the Autumn of 2021. The first weekend of the month will be covering the basics, the second weekend is available to advance your skills and the third weekend is an opportunity to “Do it yourself”. This format allows you to book a complete essentials course delivered on 3-weekends or if you prefer to come back to carry on at a time to suit you. Week 4 is our archery course providing you with the opportunity to learn / hone your skills shooting targets, high and low, in a forest setting.

Your training course will include essential bushcraft items. In addition to that you can view our full range of products in our shop. We offer products for archery, survival gear and books.