Garden Clearance

Garden Clearance

A neglected garden can quickly get out of hand. But underneath the weeds, thorns and debris lies a hidden gem just waiting for an opportunity to shine. Our garden clearance service will convert your garden jungle into a useful outdoor space, sophisticated entertaining area or exotic oasis.

No matter how big or small the space, our garden clearance service will restore your garden to it’s former glory or provide a blank canvas upon which we can design your perfect garden. We remove all garden waste leaving everything clean and tidy service.

Brambles, Nettles and Bindweed

Commonly, the most invasive problems we encounter are Brambles, Nettles and Bindweed.  Once they get a foothold in your garden they are extremely difficult to remove.  We take an organic approach  cutting back the Brambles to 30cm and then digging out the roots.  However, any remaining root will result in a new plant forming.  We solve the Bramble re-growth problem by converting the area to lawn and cut regularly to manage the problem.

Nettles although less of an issue can be treated the same way as Brambles or, see below, for Bindweed. Bindweed is a nuisance and impossible to remove so the visible Bindweed needs to removed and the area covered with a weed suppressant material and topped with bark or similar.  We dig the weed suppressant material into the soil at the edges to below the root area to stop further spread.

We are environmentally friendly converting green waste into mulch and compost.

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