Garden Design

Garden design for the perfect garden.  We can deliver a complete service from design, delivery and ongoing maintenance to provide a full garden package to create and maintain your perfect garden and outdoor spaces.

New build or established garden, we will design your garden taking into consideration your ideas and preferences, the size, aspect and soil type.

The garden design process is elegantly simple and efficient.

  1. To begin the process we view the garden to establish requirements in terms of the functional areas you desire such.  For example a play area for the little ones, an area for entertaining friends and family, a place to relax for you and of the view you want to see from your windows connecting the house to the garden.
  2. Next we need to collect the data.  We measure-up, conduct a soil test, establish sunny and shady areas together with the microclimate of your garden created by fencing and proximity to other structures etc.
  3. We create a 3-D visualisation of the garden with proposed features and recommended plants.  This is supported by a mood board made up of photo images of suggested plants, structures, materials and features using Pinterest.
  4. Working to your budget.  Customers can choose to complete the works in a single project but we often find that breaking the project up over time can work well too.
  5. The 3-D design model of your garden will also produce the “product” list meaning we can cost the design to make sure it is within budget allowing us to determine the best products at the best prices and a maintenance plan to keep your garden looking as it should for many years of enjoyment.

Our 3-D designs allow your to view your garden from different perspectives allowing you visualise how it will look in real life allowing us to “walk’ through the design and refine it in real time together.

Our garden design service starts from just £200 and there is no commitment to use our other services.

We share the plan with you in a private area of our website. With this you can view and share it with others to get everything “just so” before we begin to implement it.

Example garden design:

A mixture of contemporary design using traditional and quality materials to provide pleasure for years to come.  The objective is to provide 2 areas for relaxing and entertaining that follow the sun. Additionally a lawned area and easy to maintain raised bed with striking modern architectural planting complete the design.

The top elevation shows the overall layout.  The deck is hardwood (Yellow Balau) 21 x 145mm x 4.8m to provide a continuous length.  An L-shaped raised bed using the same new oak sleepers to the right hand side.  Planting this will provide a private eating/entertaining area and an attractive natural vista from the window.


garden design top left view

On the righthand side of the garden path will be blue slate pavers interlaced with contrasting chippings.  Next to this will be a raised bed made of new oak sleepers with architectural planting.  The planting will be set into a weed proof membrane topped with bark chippings.


garden design right view

To the lefthand side of the path will be a lawned area and a small border.  In front of the fence a mix of dark and light coloured bamboo.  The Bamboo will be set into a weed proof membrane to contain roots and topped with blue slate chippings.  In addition to breaking up the fence, bamboo rustling in the wind adds a natural soundscape for relaxing.  Access to the shed using the same paver and chippings to  match the path.


garden design top view

To the bottom of the garden, lowest point,  we will add a hidden soakaway.  The soakaway will provide the garden with drainage relief which is essential for heavy clay soils.  On top of the soakaway an additional patio area will be created to catch the evening sun.  This  will match the path using blue slate pavers and chippings.


garden design bottom view


View garden design concepts on Pinterest