Garden Maintenance

Regular Garden Maintenance – Enjoy your garden

With regular garden maintenance your garden will always be ready for you to entertain, relax and simply enjoy.

With all the stresses and strains that the daily grind brings with it, what better way to unwind than to spend time in your well tended garden.  Even when it is raining looking at your garden from inside will lift your spirits.

The advantage of regular garden maintenance is that we become familiar with your garden and treat it as we would our own.  Of course we will undertake larger projects as well, usually during the off-season i.e. late Autumn to early spring, when the garden used less.

We are organic, recycling organic materials from your garden so we have an ample supply of mulch and compost to put back when needed.  We are green, we use hand and electric garden tools to minimise emissions and noise pollution whenever possible.

Regular Garden Maintenance – what’s included?

Spring to Autumn

  1. Lawn care
  2. Hedge cutting and maintenance
  3. Planting, moving and splitting
  4. Weeding and pruning
  5. Patio and path maintenance
  6. Jet washing hard standing areas
  7. Fence painting
  8. Raking gravel areas / remove growth between pavers etc
  9. Tree maintenance
  10. General tidy

Late Autumn to early spring

  1. Repair, paint or replace fencing
  2. Repair, replace or add new patios and decking features
  3. Restore lost areas of the garden
  4. Reposition plants that have become overcrowded or to a new position where they can thrive
  5. Plant bare rooted trees and hedging
  6. Lay power cables and irrigation systems
  7. Build garden sheds and gates


Regular garden services fees:

  • Small garden £32.00
  • Medium Garden £62.00
  • Medium – large £93.00
  • Large garden £120.00

Our fees include use of our own equipment so don’t worry if you do not have the right tools.  Access to a power point helps us to use electric tools to minimise fuel emissions and to keep the noise down for you and your neighbours.  That being said we have and use petrol mowers and tools as and when needed.

We shred and reuse organic material and take non-organic rubbish to the recycling centre leaving you with a lovely and tidy garden to enjoy.

Book online or Call us on 01452 238758 to book an obligation free initial visit to figure out what is best for you and your garden.