Gardener Gloucester – Autumn 2016

Dew on the lawn, a musty wood aroma and a slight chill to the morning air.  There is nothing nicer than feeling the sun on your back as it rises slowly across the horizon.

September is one of my favourite and busiest gardening months of the year.  The days are still long with plenty of sun and we are into nature’s final flourish of the year with bountiful harvest time.

With the kids back in school it is time to focus on the lawn.  Time to deflate the padding pool, collect the abandoned toys and fill in the holes created by wizards, witches and little cooks who have been busy making potions, alien gloop and mud pies.

Garden Services September / Autumn

Lawn care

As we head in to winter, it is time to raise the cutting height on the lawnmower in order to protect the lawn during a wet winter.  If the grass is too short and the soil becomes soft and soggy it will quickly become a muddy mess and grass roots can be permanently damaged.  A longer length to the lawn will also provide more protection from frost and snow helping it to bounce back rapidly in the spring.

September is the best time to lay new lawns and to repair bare patches.  With winter coming the lawn will get less use and more water (rain) which will provide perfect conditions for establishing new lawns.  If your lawn is a bit long in the tooth, it is definitely worth replacing this month.   Take the opportunity to improve the soil and drainage for the perfect lawn next spring.


Now is the time to take out dandelions etc as any patches left afterwards will quickly grow back.  A healthy, vigorous lawn will look after itself. therefore, having a weedy lawn is a strong indication that it needs help.


Scarifying removes lawn problems such as thatch, moss and other bits and pieces which prevents your lawn from healthy growth.  Scarifying is essentially raking through the lawn just like using a stiff brush through tangled hair.


A good top dressing of loam will feed and improve the soil over winter.  Loam is a mix of clay soil, sand and compost.  Grass grows near the surface of the soil so adding a top dressing has real short and long term benefits.

Trees and Plants

Harvest time for fruit and seeds.  If you have a fruit trees, it is important to collect any rotting fruit.    This is especially important if you have children who may pick up fallen fruit. Rotting fruit become pubs for wasps who are angry drunks!

Autumn is a time to take a good look at your hedging and borders.  It is time to move things around, prune back and plant new shrubs, trees and plant spring bulbs.

General maintenance

With the nights drawing in, it is time to check outdoor lighting and replace bulbs as necessary. The greenhouse will need cleaning ready for next spring and jet washing patios, paths and driveways will keep things looking a little brighter through the winter months.

Stock up the log pile and create an area for wildlife to over-winter.