Days begin to get shorter and with it the garden prepares itself for autumn.  Leaves losing their last blush of youth before putting on their final dramatic autumn display.


October is the final month for laying new lawns with less heat to dehydrate the new turf and the promise of a plentiful supply of rainwater a new lawn will flourish and be in perfect condition for next spring.


Planting spring bulbs is must for this month as you can probably tell with every supermarket offering a plentiful supply!  In addition to planting bulbs, it is also time to plant bare root shrubs and trees so that they get a flying start next year.

Enhance your garden

Late October onward is a good time to move things around.  Maybe you planted baby shrubs a little too close to each other not realising how big they would get.  If a plant is not thriving in their current position moving them to a spot that will suit them more is definitely worth trying.  Plants will become dormant toward the end of October so moving them around can be done safely.


I will be moving 2 smoke bushes to be side by side removing a ceanothus that has gotten a bit leggy and they really do not like being moved, or cut back unfortunately so it needs to go.  The smoke bushes are a beautiful deep purple and the other a high contrast lime green.  The two together look magical setting each other off so moving them to be side by side and more space between will have a dramatic effect.

Build and repair

October to March is the time to build or repair hard landscape features. Fence replacement, walls, driveways and patios.  With less use of the garden during the colder months it is perfect for getting on with hard landscaping projects that will reward you greatly in the coming spring.

Money Saving gardener

To save money, look for bargains at DIY and garden centres who will be selling off their summer stock to make room for Christmas products. Homebase is particularly good as they are selling of discontinued brands 🙂