Home grown organic veg

Home Grown Organic Vegetables

Weekly fresh home-grown vegetables We aim to deliver a weekly vegetable box by growing vegetables in our network of gardens for you to enjoy, without all the backache and hassle associated with growing your own.

In 2021, we piloted a scheme where we provided grow bags planted with potatoes (early and main), red onions, carrots, and spinach. The pilot was a great success, and the families enjoyed digging up the vegetables they needed.

In 2022, we’d like to extend the scheme to all our regular clients. The service is free. All we need is a small part of your garden to place the grow bags. We look after everything during our regular visits.

Each participating garden will grow different vegetables, taking advantage of the growing conditions for each. We will then harvest on a weekly basis and leave a box of vegetables for you to enjoy.

Why are we doing this? With food supplies being threatened and rising prices, we believe it is important that we take the initiative to ensure that we have a constant supply of fresh organic vegetables. Once planted, the grow bags need very little maintenance and we will select a small part of your garden where it is unobtrusive, so it does not interfere with your day-to-day use of your garden.

To be successful, we ask that we provide a minimum of 10 bags that will be harvested and distributed with the other participating clients. For example, if garden 1 is growing 10 bags of potatoes, garden 2 is growing carrots and garden 3 is growing onions, then each client will receive a weekly box of potatoes, carrots and onions.

If you have an unused greenhouse, we will gladly use it to grow a range of greenhouse plants such as tomatoes, peppers, chillis, etc.

Fruit trees We often find that fruit trees generate an abundance of fruit all at once. If you are willing to share your fruit, we will be happy to distribute your excess. We can also collect fruits to make delicious fruit rolls, apple cider vinegar, and fruit tea. This way, we use the entire fruit. The skins are used for fruit tea, the cores are used for vinegar, and the main pealed fruit is used for either dehydrated fruit crisps or fruit rolls.

If you are a new client or just want to participate without our gardening service, we will ask for a deposit of £30.00 for 10 grow bags, soil and seed for the first year.  After that there is nothing else to pay.  We do not ask for any commitment to use our service and there are no contracts.  We solely rely on our excellent service as a means to retain you as a valued client.

If you are interested in using our service and participating in Home grown organic veg initiative please call us on 07700 016281 for more information.


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