Tree Planting

Tree planting for commercial and large gardens.


Tree planting for hedging is ideal for screening large areas at a relatively low cost including the ongoing maintenance whilst supporting the environment and local wildlife.  We plant bare root trees between November and March as this is the period when trees are in a dormant state.

For customers requiring additional security we will select Blackthorn, Hawthorn and holly which by nature improve security and the berries produced will help the local bird population.

A traditional hedge mix would be Beech, Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Hazel and Field Maple.

Prior to planting, the ground is cultivated and grass / weeds removed.  The trees require a solid hardwood stake for support and we use Combitubes tree shelters.  The shelters create a micro-climate to encourage good growth and protection from both the elements and wildlife such as rabbits.

For large gardens, trees provide an ideal screen for the outer boundary of the property. When densely planted they provide both security and privacy.

When compared to fencing, tree hedging can cost from as little as £12.00 per metre using our planting kit of tree, stake and Combitube.

Specimen Trees

We can plant specimen trees at anytime of the year.  Specimen trees are container grown and the root ball transferred to a well prepared site throughout the year.

Watch the video sequence below of our latest tree planting project January 2017.